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Welcome to Ish Properties

Our rental properties are located in beautiful Medford and Grants Pass Oregon. We offer premium apartment and rental living as well as secure storage facilities at an affordable price.


Choose a one or two bedroom apartment from one of our Medford locations, a three bedroom townhouse from our Grants Pass location or a secure storage facility. You can find more information and availability in the individual properties tab at the top of the page.


If you would like to rent or take a tour of any one of our terrific properties please contact us. All of our properties are No Pets.

Every individual applying to rent will have to meet all qualifications, no exceptions. 

We do not accept Co-Signers.


If you're interested in applying, please follow the steps below

1. Download and print the screening policies page below

2. Go to the property you are interested in, in the tab located at the top of the page and print an application (we only accept applications for properties that are currently available, and we do not have a waitlist)

3. Collect all proper documentation and your application fee listed on the screening policies page

4. Drop off at our office located at 701 Western Ave #109

*Every individual 18 years of age or over will have to fill out a separate application* 

Office Hours are 9:30am-4pm Mon-Thurs and 9:30am-1pm Friday


Our Properties

Ish Ranch: 1 Bedrooms Downstairs & 2 Bedrooms Upstairs

Allen Ranch: 3 Bedroom Townhomes with Garage

PineCreek: 2 Bedroom 2 Bath

WaterCress: 1 Bedrooms Downstairs & 2 Bedrooms Upstairs

Hamilton: 1 Bedroom 1 Bath

Interested in renting?Click on the individual tabsat the top of the page fordetails and availability

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